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What’s the Deal with FastestDeals?

Tired of clipping coupons and scouring the internet for deals and promotional codes? So were we. And that’s why on June 12th, 2016, we launched a website that makes it easy for shoppers to find and share the best deals and coupons. No hunting, no hassle, and no scissors required.

Welcome to FastestDeals, an online community of bargain hunters, tracking down the top deals and coupons and sharing them with each other online. To help out these dedicated deal finders, we’ve created a place where they can search, share, comment, and of course, save money. By simply signing in to DealsPlus, shoppers not only have access to thousands of deals and coupons posted by the community, but they are able to customize the way they browse, “fastest” their favorite deals, follow their favorite members, and even subscribe to e-mail alerts for their favorite stores. Yup, it’s that easy.

So, if you’re looking to join more than 2 million monthly visitors who are saving tons of money by sharing deals and coupons from over 7,200 stores, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right place.

Fun Tidbits:

  • Each month, more than 7 million people visit DealsPlus
  • Our members have shared 656,073 deals and 12,513 coupons
  • More and more people are following DealsPlus on Twitter
  • 14,442 people like DealsPlus on Facebook

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Authentic content-based campaigns meet motivated, qualified customers

At FastestDeals, we know what brand-conscious retailers look for in a strategic marketing partner. Acquire new customers from your desired user segments in our universe of 10 million loyal monthly visitors, and target the people who matter most.
Audience behavior is continually analyzed to drive the customer experience. This results in the most ideal environment for effective promotion of your online and in-store offers.

Contact us for custom advertising solutions on DealsPlus, and on our extended proprietary network of websites and mobile apps: [email protected]


  • 77% female
  • 94% US audience
  • 30% $100K-$150K household income / 34% $150K+ household income
  • 68% mobile users


  • 10M monthly visits
  • 5M double opt-in email subscribers
  • 5M monthly mobile visits
  • 760K social media followers
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