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Colorful Life Solar Charger 5000mAh Waterproof Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB

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  • SPECIAL MATERIAL & FASHIONABLE STYL- This portable solar charger is made of ABS material, this backpack charger is friendly environmental, and the appearance is fashionable and decent, the solar charger can be charged by sunlight when you are on a trip with your backpack.
  • MULTI PURPOSE – The front is a solar charger which have two USB port for charging your devices simultaneously, the reverse can be used as a multi-purpose emergency light.Continuous lighting time can be up to 20 hours, meet the needs of long-term emergency lighting.This solar charger also use the compass hanging buckle you don’t worry about getting lost In the wild.
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT DESIGN – This solar charger is easily hang it on your bagpack as hiking backpack accessories. also been designed has anti-skid waterproof protecting effect. Perfect for long flights, road trips, hiking, camping or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.


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The Good¬†The Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger is lightweight and can be mounted to your car’s windshield. It comes with plenty of adapter tips to accommodate all kinds of portable devices.It¬†can be up to 20 hours, meet the needs of long-term emergency lighting.

The Bad The Colorful Life SolarCharger needs at least 40 percent of power already in it for it to solar charge. It also needs optimum direct sunlight.

The Bottom Line Despite its limitations, the Colorful Life SolarCharger does work as a quick, easy, and eco-friendly solution to charge up your portable devices.



Keeping your cell phone or portable entertainment device charged all the time can be a hassle, especially if you have to constantly look for a wall socket to plug in a charger. And if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, then you can forget about that. Solar chargers can be a way to get around that constraint, provided you live in an area with plenty of sunlight. One such device is the Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger. It’s easy to use, but you do need to plug it into a wall socket every once in a while for it to be useful. TheColorful Life¬†SolarCharger¬†retails for around $14.99

The Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger¬†is a simple rectangular slab. Measuring 4.13 inches long by 2.52 inches wide by 0.59 inch thick and weighing around 3.53 ounces, the device is quite a bit smaller and lighter than other solar chargers we’ve tried, like the Solio Universal solar charger kit. Of course, the entire front surface of the device is a big photovoltaic cell that is designed to convert rays from the sun into battery power.


Behind the charger are LED indicators for the battery status and the charging status. There are four LEDs for the battery status; when all four light up, the¬†Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger¬†is fully charged. The charging status LED flashes red when the device is solar charging, and is solid red when it’s charging via USB. There’s also a button on the back of the device that, when pressed, will show you the current battery status.

On the bottom is a charger jack if you want to charge up the Colorful Life SolarCharger , plus a Mini-USB cable for powering other devices. The solar charger comes with 10 adapter tips: a DC-jack adapter, an 8-pin adapter, an LG adapter, a Micro-USB adapter, a Nokia 2mm jack adapter, a Nintendo DS Lite adapter, a Samsung adapter, a Sony Ericsson adapter, a Sony PSP adapter, and a female USB adapter. To charge up an iPhone or an iPod, you need to hook up your Apple dock connector to the female USB adapter.

The first thing you have to realize with the Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger is that you do need at least 40 percent of power already in it (that’s at least two LEDs lighting up) in order for it to solar charge. It sounds a bit redundant, but that’s how it works. Also, you need to position it so that it gets direct optimum sunlight. So your office fluorescent lights won’t work, and you probably won’t get good results if you’re in a foggy sheltered area. Once the Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger ¬†is fully charged, you can then use it any time of day to charge your handheld device. Both input and output currents fluctuate a bit every other second of charging, but only up to about 350 mA below each device’s maximum rate. It’s worth testing out the Colorful Life¬†with existing USB cables, since it favors some with better consistency more than others.Of course you can also charge your device while the¬†Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger is charged via USB or the sun.


We tested the Colorful Life SolarCharger on an unusually sunny day in San Francisco by charging up the Motorola Devour. The charging status LED flashed red, so we knew the solar charging was working. It brought back the Devour from almost no battery to a full battery in just 2 hours. As for fully charging the solar charger itself, it takes about 3 hours via USB and a whopping 22 hours under optimum sunlight. As an option, Colorful Life also included a car windshield mount for the Colorful Life SolarCharger so it gets as much sun as possible.

The package send with a Compass buckle,and it is easier for us to take it up to our bags when we are outdoor.Most of testing place is in Park,so we advice more to charger the Colorful Life SolarCharger with USB before out door,then charger it with Solar system if you are in emergencies.


On the whole, the Colorful Life¬†SolarCharger worked as promised. The downsides are that it does need direct sunlight for the solar charging to work, and even that doesn’t work if you don’t have at least 40 percent battery life already in it. But if you want to quickly charge your cell phone or portable entertainment device in an area with plenty of sun, it’ll certainly help you out.

Specification: Colorful Life Solar Charger 5000mAh Waterproof Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB

Battery Type

Li-Polymer Battery






5V/1A and 5V/1.5A

Product Dimension

145*75*14 mm

Product Weight

145 g

Solar Panel


AC charging time

about 6-7 hours

Charging phone time

about 2 hours

Package including

1 x Solar Charger
1 x Compass Hanging Buckle
1 x Micro USB cable

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