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Dash Cam AuKing S3 Mini Full HD 1080P Car Camera

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  • It is the minimum size of Dash Cam. The mini size design makes the dash cam compact and takes very little space of your car.
  • 1920X1080P at 30fps video, 12M 4032X3024 high-quality pictures that make a good performance in every detail of every corner.
  • G-sensor, loop recording, motion detection, parking monitoring, these powerful functions bring your car in a safe environment. It will protect your car every moment automatically.
  • The professional manufacturer of the dash cam. We focus on 7 years to ensure that our DASH CAM is of good quality, stable performance.
  • Dash Cam has been CE, FCC, RoHS certificated, 12 months guarantee, with a qualified after-sale service team, all questions will be solved in 24 hours.
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The Good The Auking Dash Cam S3 unobtrusively records crisp HD video of the road ahead. A video buffer and G-sensor automatically capture the moments leading up to an accident and those immediately following. G-Sensor is embedded in the recording and gravitational forces acting on the camera itself.

The Bad Auking Dash Cam S3 doesn’t include any software to take easy of recieving data. The AVI video format requires third-party software to view.

The Bottom Line With a bit of tweaking, the Auking Dash Cam S3 is a (mostly) silent witness that watches the road without attracting the driver’s attention.

It’s a camera…

The Auking Dash Cam S3 is a dashboard camera or dashboard DVR. The Cam hangs from a car’s windshield with an included lever-activated suction cup mount that connects to its body via a ball-in-socket joint. The camera body itself is about 2.3In*1.9In*1.4In (not counting the connection to the mount) by about 3.5 cm thick and fairly unobtrusive when hanging above the dashboard.


Pointing out at the road ahead is a small, fixed-focus HD video camera that is capable of capturing 1080p, 720p or WVGA video with an extremely wide field of view. Think of GoPro footage and you’ll have an idea of how wide an angle we’re looking at. Mounted above the center of the dashboard of the car I tested it in, the camera captured the entire view out of the front windshield.


Facing the driver is a 1.5-inch color LCD display that shows a preview of what the camera sees to aid in framing. Here is also where the driver interacts with the various settings, menu options, and media playback controls via a bank of four physical buttons just below the screen. Once the vehicle gets moving, the screen auto shuts off after a few moment to prevent driver distraction.


On one edge of the device is the Mini-USB port for connecting the included 5-volt power adapter. When the Dash Cam senses power, it automatically fires up and starts recording. When the power is cut (such as when the car’s ignition is shut off) the camera will automatically turn off after about 5 seconds. The Dash Cam can be used without 5-volt power — there’s an internal rechargeable battery and it has a power button on one side for manual startup and shutdown — but for extended recording, the adapter is recommended.


Should you need more room for clips, the Dash Cam can accept cards of up to 32GB.


It’s always recording…

The Auking Dash Cam S3 records a continuous loop of the action happening outside of the front windshield (or wherever you choose to mount it), overwriting old footage as it loops around with new imagery. The camera can capture up to 1080p video and audio, but the owner can set it to record at a lower resolution or without audio to save space.


Internally, the Auking Dash Cam S3 is equipped with a G-sensor that detects bumps and shocks. When the sensor is triggered, the camera start works quietly and captures and protects the video clip leading up to the bump and a few seconds following, saving the footage of a potential accident from being overwritten. Over bumpy roads, this can lead to multiple false positives. I filled the 8GB card up after just a few hours of spirited driving, but on smoother roads you’ll likely not have as many false triggers as I did. Fortunately, the driver does have the power to adjust the G-sensor’s sensitivity.


Video is captured in an AVI format, which will require Mac users to download third-party software to play back. Video quality is crisp and generally clear enough that you can make out the license plate numbers of passing cars. As with most ultrawide-angle cameras, you’ll have to be pretty close to the lead car to capture the plate number in detail. Also like most “outdoor action cameras” with simple optics, the Dash Cam did have good done with scenes with a high range of exposures and I did see skies being blown out and shadows lacking detail. The video isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done in clearly seeing.Though I couldn’t use the Dash Cam’s screen to see video in high pixel,it could be saw in 1920*1080 with wdrwide dynamic rangesystem during my PC.


Finally, the Dash Cam can be removed from the suction cup mount and handheld to capture still photos (4032*3024 highest pixel resolution, JPEG format), which can be useful for surveying damage to your vehicle or snapping shots of the area around a traffic incident.

It’s simple, really…


I had remarkably few complaints during my testing of the Auking Dash Cam S3 — even fewer after a quick dive into the Settings menu. My car engine start then the Dash Cam also begin to work with G-sentor system, and the decision to use the AVI format instead of the more common and universal MP4. However, after I’d tweaked the sensitivity to reduce false positives, and disabled the secondary beeping that accompanied each button press, the Auking Dash Cam S3 hardware functioned unobtrusively. That’s sort of the point with dashboard DVRs; you don’t want them attracting your eyes and ears while you drive.

I liked that the camera included a small screen for positioning. I’m not the kind of owner who would leave this thing stuck to my windshield in an unattended car, so I ended up removing and replacing it quite a bit. That said, I also liked that the screen automatically shut down once I hit the road.

The Auking Dash Cam S3 is about as plug-and-play as they come. Once you plug the Dash Cam in, it starts recording and you don’t have to think about it beyond that until you fill the memory up or find yourself in an accident. The bits of interaction that I had (previewing videos and photos on the LCD and adjusting the menu options) were easy and intuitive.

The Auking Dash Cam S3 will run you $32.88 if you’re interested.

Specification: Dash Cam AuKing S3 Mini Full HD 1080P Car Camera


1.5 inch


168° Wide Angle 

Video resolution


Video format


Photo resolution


Photo format


External memory

Micro SD card up to 32GB





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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a great small camera which can record your driving clearly. The installation is very easy, it also include a car charger, which is very covenient to use, and the resolution is pretty good, it is a good record for my car driving history. If you are looking for a reasonal price car camera, I highly recommend this product. It would be great if the seller can sell a mini tf card together. Overall, it is a great product with reasonable price, I give a 5 star.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am really impressed by this little dashcam. I use it for the rear window of my car. The dashcam works really well so far. Have not tested it in the warm or hot weather yet since it is winter right now where I live. Hopefully the picture quality is not bad when overheated. I have noticed that my other dashcams (for windshield) tend to have bad picture quality in warm/hot weather and when the sun is directly shining onto the cam.

  3. zooscar

    I’ve been testing it for days! This is small, but easy to Setup and installation are simple! Mostly picture quality is clear! You need it in a busy traffic

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